Hurricane Irene flooding Schenectady County

The hurricane itself wasn't too bad, other than a lot of power outages, but the amount of rain it dumped into the area all funneled into the Mohawk River cause a surge of water 14' higher than normal, flooding everything and everyone not lucky enough to be elevated. Because of so many closed roads and traffic, I biked up and down the Mohawk in Schenectady, Scotia, and Glenville, shooting some video along the way. I was on the phone a lot so my apologies if some of my conversations made it into the audio. I tried including text in the video to let you know where I was filming if it wasn't obvious. Some of the locales are Jumpin Jacks, Collins Park, SCCC, the Stockade, Freemans Bridge Road, and the railroad bridge. Video originally posted here.

Created: Aug 29, 2011

Posted: Aug 30, 2016

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