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Ancestry vs 23andMe

There are several DNA tests out there… MyHeritage, LivingDNA, National Geographic, etc. I decided to try out the two most popular to see how they compare – AncestryDNA ($99) and 23andMe Health ($199). Both tests were pretty simple and similar as far as collecting the sample. You sign up on the website to put in […]


Trump vs Cruz Primary results sorted by states’ IQ

After my post about Democratic primaries by states’ IQ, I was asked to make a similar chart on the Republican side.


Clinton vs Sanders Primary results sorted by states’ IQ

I was wondering if there was any correlation between a state’s average IQ and how they voted. So I took the results from the McDaniel’s Estimated Average IQ Score and made a chart showing the states in order from smartest to… least smartest, listing the percentage differential in the democratic primary race between Clinton and Sanders.


One new restaurant per week in 2016

Sasha and I decided to check out one new (to us) restaurant per week in the year 2016. Due to time and money constraints, we’re making this “on average”, so we could go to three one week and then be able to skip a few weeks, but each restaurant will be assigned a week even […]


A basic “Hello, world” Twig templating install

I’m a big fan of templating for building websites. I also have a long history of building websites from scratch with no frameworks (comes with being a web developer for more than two decades). Twig is an amazing templating system (which you can read about here) that I wanted to learn to start using on […]