I'm Dan.

I do a lot.

It's true— I keep myself busy. This site is an attempt to summarize some of what I do in a way that will hopefully be convenient for those trying to either learn more about me, or to see some videos or pictures I posted, or to use some app I've written. Everything should be less than two clicks away.

Quick "About Me"

I pay the bills as a web developer, working mostly in the Schenectady, NY and Farmington, CT areas. I shoot a lot of video, play a lot of ultimate frisbee, and try to keep music in much in my life as possible. Smaller things I like that don't get their own pages include:

  • Apple fan— I've been using Apple products since I was a kid. These days I use my iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPad, and iPhone every day.
  • Russians— While I'm not Russian myself, I've met a lot of them and I love the culture and am learning the language.
  • English— I may not have a grasp on the Russian language yet, but English and I go way back. As an editor for a music zine for two decades, and as a proof-reader for The Daily Gazette, I take pride in the written word.
  • Teaching— I hint at it where I'm a private piano teacher and an ultimate coach, but I really do love the sharing of knowledge to those looking to learn.
  • Science— Science is awesome. From astronomy, to evolution, to the basic physics of how everything works. I love it.