I'm Dan.

I do a lot.

It's true— I keep myself busy. This site is an attempt to summarize some of what I do in a way that will hopefully be convenient for those trying to either learn more about me, or to see some videos or pictures I posted, or to use some app I've written. Everything should be less than two clicks away.

Quick "About Me"

I pay the bills as a web developer, working mostly in the Schenectady, NY area and remote. I shoot a lot of video, play a lot of ultimate frisbee, and try to keep music in much in my life as possible. In Summer 2020, this site became a little famous because of the Animated COVID charts I made. Smaller things I like that don't get their own pages include:

  • Apple fan— I've been using Apple products since I was a kid. These days I use my iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPad, and iPhone every day.
  • Russians— While I'm not Russian myself, I've met a lot of them and I love the culture and am learning the language. 2022 Edit: While I'm still a fan of the Russian people, language, and culture... I should clarify that I am 100% against the Ukrainian invasion and the awful atrocities committed by the Russian army, much of which was by the direction of the Russian government.
  • English— I may not have a grasp on the Russian language yet, but English and I go way back. As an editor for a music zine for two decades, and proof-reading The Daily Gazette, I take pride in the written word.
  • Teaching— I hint at it where I'm a private piano teacher and an ultimate coach, but I really do love the sharing of knowledge to those looking to learn.
  • Science— Science is awesome. From astronomy, to evolution, to the basic physics of how everything works. I love it.
  • Genealogy— Everything from digging through census records and old newspaper articles, to finding gravesites, to analyzing centiMorgan matches- I've gotten pretty good at building family trees. I've built my own out to several hundred ancestors, some dating back to the 1400's. I've helped others find their biological parents. Everything is a mystery waiting to be solved.