Articles, thoughts, and reviews… by Dan Goodspeed


An introduction

‘ello.  I have a few reasons for creating a blog amidst my already too-busy schedule.

  1. To become a better web developer and learn the WordPress CMS platform.
  2. I’m leaning toward stopping the Rkstar email newsletter once the eventual Rkstar 2.0 goes live, and while I’d appreciate breaking from the strict weekly schedule, I would still like to have an outlet to write.  With perhaps a greater variety of topics that interest me.
  3. I often read articles, usually web development-related, that teach me things I’d like to use later.  Finding them to read again later is usually a pain, so I’d like someplace where I can write notes in my own words what I learned, and look back on.  And if my notes help others- great!

What’s to come… only time can tell.