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All the time I learn interesting differences between Russia and America. I wish I started keeping track years ago, I would have hundreds. But no time better than the present to start.

One persistent difference are the good/bad luck superstitions that are everywhere in Russian culture.

I was just listening to “до свидания” by Земфира (Zemfira). The first line translates to “The moon is waning – it happens, I’m going to get a haircut”.

Turns out, to some Russians, it’s good luck to get your hair cut when the moon is waxing. So she was making a joke that she was getting her hair cut when it was waning.

It’s probably one of those “you have to be a Russian” to get the joke lines.


Going live

Well, it’s been almost two years since I first created this blog. But as of today, my new website just went live, and it actually admits this blog exists by linking to it. We’ll see if that encourages me to actually update it with posts. I promise to try.

I am proud of my new site, though. The new I’ve been working on it in my spare time for about six months. Probably the biggest thing is the new shared section. It uses a CMS I wrote myself just for that. It’s responsive; it handles pictures, videos, and galleries; I can upload all the files through the web instead of FTP; I can tag files with taxonomy, as well as geolocation; Facebook and Reddit integration; it really does a lot. And it’s all just part of the new site which I think is a better representation of where I am as a developer.

Well, now it’s time to update that shared section with some new media!