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One new restaurant per week in 2016

Sasha and I decided to check out one new (to us) restaurant per week in the year 2016. Due to time and money constraints, we’re making this “on average”, so we could go to three one week and then be able to skip a few weeks, but each restaurant will be assigned a week even […]


Going live

Well, it’s been almost two years since I first created this blog. But as of today, my new website just went live, and it actually admits this blog exists by linking to it. We’ll see if that encourages me to actually update it with posts. I promise to try. I am proud of my new […]


An introduction

‘ello.  I have a few reasons for creating a blog amidst my already too-busy schedule. To become a better web developer and learn the WordPress CMS platform. I’m leaning toward stopping the Rkstar email newsletter once the eventual Rkstar 2.0 goes live, and while I’d appreciate breaking from the strict weekly schedule, I would still […]